We have designed 5 selections of our labels for you to explore our production according to your interests and needs5 selections of our wines so you can taste them through our eyes...uh...through our taste buds.

Choose the one that best reflects you and, in a few clicks, you will receive it at home, without even the need to select the bottles... the only "effort" will be to drink them!!

Red Wines lover
A journey among our Reds
Discover the red wines expression of our territory...from steel to barrique, passing through an intriguing Classic Method
Excellent Daily Wines
All the colours of the rainbow
For those who love good wine ... whatever color it is!
Great Classic Method
For those who love Bubbles
The complete selection of all our Metodo Classico wines, all with a minimum of 55 months on the lees, including a bottle of Luce Evoluzione 109 produced in only 240 units and numbered by hand!
More than just Classic Method
Bubbles...and more
Ideal for a refreshing aperitif or for the whole meal...let's discover bubbles, whites and rosés
Reds and Spumanti
Reds and Spumanti, for every occasion
Classic Method and Reds: Discover the true essence of Oltrepo Pavese!